Modular Retaining Walls are a cost-effective, stylish and versatile option to retain your landscape. With high-quality Australian made materials and a range of design of options to suit your home or business.


Modular Retaining Walls are Australian made for Australian conditions. They can integrate with your Modular Wall fence solution or be a standalone retaining wall. Aside from their incredible design aesthetic, they are a cost-effective and durable alternative to masonry and concrete.


Standalone or Integrated Retaining Solutions

Style Fencing can offer many different retaining wall options from heights, forms and load requirements. From levelling lots, sloped blocks to decorative garden beds, our retaining walls are the perfect choice for stylish, sophisticated retaining solutions and can be tailored to your needs. Style Fencing can incorporate your retaining wall in to your Modular boundary wall, or can create a standalone retaining solution.


Cost-effective and Versatile

Style Fencing can offer many Modular Retaining Wall options depending on your budget. Our Modular Retaining Walls are a great masonry, concrete and sleeper alternative. Not only are they a stylish option, they are also a time and cost-effective solution.

Our Retaining Walls suit any design and are ready to paint, texture, tile or clad, as well as integrate lighting, letterboxes and decorative infills. The Style Fencing team can help you achieve the perfect outcome for your home.


Drainage Solutions

Any retaining wall is only as good as it's drainage properties. The Style Fencing team can design and install the correct drainage system needed to ensure longevity for your new retaining wall. We incorporate waterproofing, protective sheetings, ag lines, drainage aggregate, geo-fab and drainage pits to ensure proper drainage and longevity of your retaining wall.


If you're ready to upgrade your old fence, here's more reasons to choose Style Fencing to supply and install your new Modular Wall

Design Your Retaining Wall

There are many post options available and finishing solutions for your retaining walls. Contact Style Fencing today to get a whole range of design solutions to suit your needs.

10 Year Warranty

The team at Style Fencing can professionally install your new Modular Wall within the strict guidelines to ensure your Modular Wall 10 year product warranty is guaranteed.

Cost-effective Masonry Alternative

Achieve the premium aesthetics of rendered wall for a fraction of the cost and a quarter of the install time. Choose between a single brick or double brick column to achieve your desired outcome.

Strong and Durable

Unique panels that are strong, lightweight, termite-resistant and will not rot, warp or corrode, with a post system that allows for future ground movement without cracking. Whether your kids are kicking balls or your pets are terrorising your yard, Modular Walls is built to last.

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