Modular Wall Specialists

The team at Style Fencing specialise in all aspects of Modular Walls and installation. With over 15 years experience in the construction industry, Style Fencing have both the knowledge and the skills to complete any project, no matter how complex. Our level of expertise allows us to focus on attention to detail, reach our customers goals, create bespoke solutions and build quality products that last. We have partnered with Modular Walls because we believe in the product, quality, design and longevity.

What We Do

Modular Walls

Modular Walls are a premium and versatile fencing solution for any home. Modular Walls offer privacy, acoustic benefits, and a variety of design options to cater to all applications.

Modular Retaining Walls

Style Fencing offers multiple integrating retaining options and styles to cater for a variety of different retaining applications.

Modular Acoustic Walls

Transform your home into a peaceful oasis and reduce noise from traffic and neighbours alike with our exquisite acoustic fence options and residential noise barriers.

Design to Installation

The team at Style Fencing can help you bring your own design and creativity to life, taking you through the entire process from design to installation.

If you're ready to upgrade your old fence, here's more reasons to choose Style Fencing to supply and install your new Modular Wall

10 Year Product Warranty

The team at Style Fencing can professionally install your new Modular Wall within the strict guidelines to ensure your Modular Wall 10 year product warranty is guaranteed.

Proven Noise-Reduction

The standard AcoustiMax panel has an average 20dB-25dB noise reduction, tested and rated by the National Acoustic Laboratory, resulting in a quartering of loudness. Check out our Modular Acoustic Walls page to learn more about our premium noise absorbent wall solution AcoustiSorb.

Cost-effective Masonry Alternative

Achieve the premium aesthetics of rendered wall for a fraction of the cost and a quarter of the install time. Choose between a single brick or double brick column to achieve your desired outcome.

Strong and Durable

Unique panels that are strong, lightweight, termite-resistant and will not rot, warp or corrode, with a post system that allows for future ground movement without cracking. Whether your kids are kicking balls or your pets are terrorising your yard, Modular Walls is built to last.

Why Choose Style Fencing

From concept to design, all the way to delivering your dream fence – we bring outdoor areas to life with quality, elegant solutions. Specialising in Modular Wall installation, our acute attention to detail ensures an unparalleled service that surpasses client expectations.

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